Hi everyone! I'm the original Kara Morgan and I am the one responsible for the Kara Morgan Show. I've been making the show since 2010 (way before Tiny Kara showed up).  I hold a degrees in vocal performance from Wheaton College and a masters in opera performance from the Maryland Opera Studio. I've performed such roles as Sophie (Werther), Anne Sexton (Transformations) and Holly Budd (Funky Winkerbean's Homecoming). I play the flute and the piano and I have studied medieval calligraphy with a master scribe.  I'm telling you all of this because I think you should know that I've earned the right to call the shots when it comes to this show for crying out loud. Thank you.

Napoleon episode

Well hello there! My name is Gerald Winslow Craft. I descend from a long line of thespian butlers. I have been serving and performing with both Kara Morgans for about six episodes. I am also in high demand as  a script consultant, with a specialization in the early Napoleonic wars. In my free time I enjoy listening to all sorts of English Anglican Choral works from the late Renaissance and reciting Schubert lieder in German. Thank you and good day.

Gerry episode
Space Episode

Cast Bios

Je ne me sens pas du tout obligée de vous donner de l'information autobiographique. Au revoir.